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fashion revolution zürich

Herausgegeben von Avisha Antunez in New Collection · 25/4/2017 10:37:51

Back from nepal with the new collection
Soon you'ii find avishaantunez at
swiss fashion revolution
from 29 to 30 of april in zürich, switzerland
Check it out: -> Click here

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Tobias Olofsson
2018-02-13 09:13:00
I would love to see ur amazing clothes for mens bodys as well I love them and its so inspiring how you can make things in an organic fashion so prescious for ALL of us on this planet ! I have an Idea for different prints that I made in a streetartproject that I think would be cool on clothes maybe you could share ur knowledge sometime and help me make that idea in to action?!

Pz love and hugs!

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